"Please don't go! Why Germany needs the British"

German newsweekly DER SPIEGEL's latest issue is dedicated to Brexit / With comprehensive Brexit reporting and all articles appearing in German and English

On June 23, the British will go to the polls to vote on whether to remain in the European Union. In tomorrow's edition of SPIEGEL, already available in digital form as of 6pm today, the newsmagazine will feature comprehensive reporting focusing on the possible Brexit. In its cover story, SPIEGEL will address the political, economic, social and geostrategic consequences that Brexit would pose for the entire continent. SPIEGEL has conducted interviews with German finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble and with photographer and artist Wolfgang Tillmans. This week's issue will also include essays by historian Christopher Clark and former SPIEGEL Brussels correspondent Christoph Schult, along with other articles that offer insights into the heated debate over the impending decision in the UK. All articles dealing with this key issue will appear in both German and English.

"For the first time, an EU member state is voting on whether to leave the European club − an unparalleled political act. The consequences would be disastrous and, to make matters worse, it would happen in the midst of the greatest European crisis in decades. Colleagues from various departments working on the cover story have compiled a multitude of reasons why we cannot do without Britain. The result is an objective but also strong, emotional − and bilingual − plea to the country: Please don't go!" says SPIEGEL editor-in-chief Klaus Brinkbäumer.

Without Britain, Europe would be poorer, smaller, less secure and less of a player on the world stage. The cover story describes among other things the important role that the British have played in the development of the EU and where the UK’s Euroscepticism originates. The reporters analyse the complex economic interrelationships between the UK and the continent, and ask what Germany and Europe would lose when it comes to security, combating terror and geostrategic weight following Brexit.

Issue 24/2016 of SPIEGEL will feature individual covers for the British and German markets as well as 23 extra pages in English. The title of the cover in Britain is: "Please don't go! Why Germany needs the British". The number of sales outlets and the magazine’s circulation has been significantly increased. The newsstand price of this unique edition has been reduced to £2.
Hamburg, June 10, 2016

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